Monday, February 14, 2011

My loves . . .

Dave. . .who truly has his hands full with the kids (and me!) constantly demanding his attention and general cool-dad-liness.

Marley. . .who has a wonderfully innocent and untainted awareness of her own beauty and is always willing to strike a pose. Here she is modeling her fancy Valentine's Day outfit from Grandma Nancy and B.O.B.

Casey. . .who took these incredible pictures with my camera yesterday on a hike. I love that he is becoming a more confident little guy who isn't afraid to try something new.

Keller . . .who keeps me laughing with his antics, both intentional and unintentional. Here is the note he left me when I sent a cold grilled cheese sandwich in his school snack ("I do not like it cold mom"); the green tea he made me for my birthday (note entire tea package included!); and the list we made of options for him for spring season events/classes, which he made an addition to.

Valentine's date night. . .this year rather than going out for dinner and a movie, we dropped the kids off at our gym for Parents Night Out on Saturday, got carry-out from our local vegetarian place (Lotus) and watched a movie in the quiet, calm surroundings of our own home, which too frequently is not the relaxing retreat we long for it to be.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

a certain someone celebrated her birthday this weekend--hard to believe my 'baby' is now the big 0-4! she chose a 'China' party and we did it up right. . .

yummy dumplings and such

stencil paintings

chopstick marshmallow races

a Strawberry Shortcake cake--very random but we couldn't find a bakery to do a cool Year of the Rabbit cake for us

favor boxes--chocolate coins in red envelopes, chopsticks 'helpers', panda cookies, fortune cookies

best big brother--Keller played Littlest Pet Shop with Marley after the party

we followed up yesterday's party with a trip to Chinatown today for the Chinese New Year parade and festivities. . .

Keller won the award for "Most Creative" at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby last weekend. his car was painfully slow, but we set out to win style points, not speed ;)

the kids had 3 snow days, followed by a weekend, followed by 2 teacher work days. add it all up and get about 7 days of chaos.

dave and keller took advantage of a recent snowfall and played hookie for a day to hit the mountains for some snowboarding. . .

off to go watch my STEELERS kick ass and bring home #7!