Sunday, July 8, 2012

 After 16 days of non-stop fun with family and friends, we have many new memories to hold us over until our next visit "home" to the US.  Enjoy the highlights!

Phase 1:  Northern Virginia to stay with the Gildeas and catch up with friends

Hot sunny day at the pool

 Kayaking and canoeing on the Potomac

 Hanging out around the house

Jack's 8th Birthday party

Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay

 Quality time with Team Gildea

 Grilling and swimming with the Gorham family

Phase 2:  Up to Pennsylvania to stay with Grammy and see family & friends
Roadtrip with the Rigbys

Johnstown Inclined Plane and City View Grille

Grammy's house

Lybarger family picnic at Grandma Dot & Pappy George's house

 Cooling off at Yellow Creek State Park with the Rigbys

Pappy's for hometown pizza and stromboli yumminess

Johnstown Flood of 1889 dam site and visitor center

Silver Drive-In to see Brave

Lunch with Grandma Dot & Pappy George

Swimming and goofing off with the super Steinhoffs

Afternoon at Poppy's

Last day in PA--hanging with Grammy & trying on the clothes Marley wore when we met her in China 

Phase 3:  Down to our old stomping grounds in Fairfax to stay with the Driggers and have fun with peeps from the 'hood

Sweet Frog for ice cream with the Driggers

Greenbriar Pool for 4th of July

Food, fun, and fireworks at casa de Driggers

Dinner with Grandma Nancy & Big Old Bob

Last day in the States--hanging out with friends and a fun visit from Super Nanny (a.k.a. Miss Jennifer)

The journey "home"

It was wonderful to fall deeply asleep in our own beds last night after 2+ weeks of being on-the-go.  It was even more wonderful to wake up and realize I had slept 15 straight hours--my longest stretch of sleep since long before Keller was born.  

We miss our friends and family, as well as the 'little' conveniences about life in the US--cavernous washing machines, for example.

It will be a long stretch before we visit the States this time--probably a full 12 months--but we are filling up our calendar with fun adventures here in the UK and beyond, so dust off your passports and come join us for madness and mayhem abroad!