Monday, October 10, 2011

Our new 'hood

For those who are curious about what the local scene is like here in the happenin' village of Barton Mills, we took a little walk-about last weekend and snapped some pictures. There is a really beautiful trail that follows the River Lark beginning in our neighborhood and ending in the village center in Mildenhall. So, check your maps and follow along for a tour:

your tour guide and maps (note the important locations listed on the map key, gotta love those Brits and their pubs):

the historic homes on our street:

the churches . . .

the pubs:

along the River Lark:

the next one is the backyard of our across-the-street neighbors. we were feeling pretty good about our big front and back 'gardens' until we saw what the neighbors have ;)

the park in Mildenhall (the kids love the way the playgrounds are so different here, although the risk of motion sickness is higher with every thing spinning in circles!):

the phone booth:

a local kid with stereotypical British teeth:

and finally, our house (and my Subaru, which may just be the best thing I brought from the States! Dave has been demoted to UK mini-van driver, although he does not seem to mind the crazy right side steering wheel):

We moved in two weeks ago, and are enjoying stretching out and exploring our new 'home.' It's been a crazy 4 months since I first interviewed for my job, but we've held it together amazingly well. Other than some pangs of homesickness, especially for poor Casey, the adjustment has gone strangely smooth. So many changes for all of us, and we've just sort of huddled together and weathered all of them together. I've got a million more pictures to post and at least that many thoughts rolling around in my head that I'd love to share, so hopefully as we settle into the new 'normal,' I'll find more time and energy to put it all on here more often.

Until then . . . Cheers, and pop over for a brilliant spot of tea any time ;)