Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer is slipping away. . .

We've been busy having fun, and time is truly flying. Since my last post, we've taken a weekend trip to Lancaster, PA to camp and take the kids to their first amusement park, "Dutch Wonderland." It was fun, but definitely confirmed my suspicion that my sons were born with zero fear! I, on the other hand, had to take Dramamine for the car ride there, let alone the rides!

We spent five days visiting family in Pennsylvania. There are many cousins, aunts, and uncles who Keller & Casey don't get to spend enough time with. We got to see everyone many times during our visit, the boys got to experience what I had growing up--Gram & Pap's awesome swimming pool, lots of kids to play with, picnics in the pavilion. . .although we only make it up there once/summer, I'm so glad the kids can get at least of taste of what it feels like to have a large, close-knit family. My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary while we were there, which is amazing. Dave and I always joke that we only signed a 50-year agreement on our wedding day, and will consider going year-to-year after that :) Seriously, though, our wedding anniversary is coming up on Tuesday and I know that someday we'll be celebrating our 60th, too.

The boys participated in their summer running program again this year and loved it. I had a serious case of mama-guilt because I taught every Tuesday night and missed most of their running nights. I was able to make it on the last night for their final time trials, and loved being there to cheer the boys on.

We were excited to receive updated photos of Marley yesterday in the morning. She looks cute as usual and we can't wait to finally hold her. We are still expecting a travel date sometime in November, possibly December if things slow down due to the Olympics. We've sent disposable cameras in her care packages, so hopefully the nannies at her orphanage are taking pictures of her, her orphanage, and her friends so that we can show them to her as she grows up. We have a dresser full of clothes and I am refinishing a gorgeous antique bed for her room (although she will sleep in our room for as long as her heart desires!).

Dave and I continue to train for the triathlon we are doing on September 7th. Tomorrow I'll be doing a 'trial run' of the course with a friend. I've got the swim down well (although I'm not expecting to give Michael Phelps any competition!), the bike is fine, and I'm working on my mental block against running, which seems to have developed after my foot surgery in the winter. Of course, by the time I finish the 400m swim and 12 mile bike, I might not stand much chance of actually 'running' anyway!

Enjoy the slide show of recent pictures.

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