Saturday, August 4, 2012

Team Huffman at London 2012!!

 Olympic Park

 BMX track

 Rainbow over the basketball arena

 Olympic Stadium


 Beat Box

Tower of London

 Animal sculptures were all life-sized and made of chicken wire!

Thames River Cruise from Tower Bridge to Westminster Pier

 Cleopatra's Needle

Tour de London--we covered serious ground on foot, literally miles and miles, with 3 kids and a very sweet, helpful, jet-lagged teenager

London Bridge

 View of Tower Bridge (my obsession with taking pictures of the rings at the bridge was epic)
 With our first visitor from the US--Justine is staying with us for 3 1/2 weeks :)
 The Shard--tallest building in western Europe

 The rings are raised everytime Tower Bridge raises for a large ship to pass under
 Some random clock ; )

 Westminster Abbey

 Dean's Yard

 St. Margaret's Church

 Buckingham Palace (and fountain)

 Longest stretch of our walk for the day--Westminster & St. James Parks through to Hyde Park and on to Kensington Gardens

 Never too old for a piggyback ride

Kensington Gardens and Lady Diana Memorial Playground

Hard-earned taxi ride back to London Bridge

London Eye

Thames River Cruise back from Westminster Pier to Tower Bridge--it was beautiful!  We were really hoping the rings would be lowered and lit, but a boat had passed through recently, so we weren't so lucky.  Consolation prize was an amazing moon over the bridge.  The battery was dead in my 'good' camera, but you can see how beautiful it was :)

Proof that we ended our London weekend with some worn out kiddos!

 Love this shot of Keller--I fear this will be his 'look' throughout college

Next up---WWOOFing near Peak National Park--we'll be camping and working on an organic farm :)