Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching Up . . .

Wow. Time flies. Except between about 5pm and kiddo bedtime, but I digress. How has it been so long since my last post? This time, I have great reasons for being absent from the blog, and really from the computer in general. I've been taking three kick-a$$ boot camp style classes at the gym every week, and making a point of being in bed by 10:30 at the latest. I'm energized during the day, and completely wiped out by night time, which is when I usually blog.

Tonight, I felt a little shallow uploading pictures and sending out a post about all of the fun stuff we've done recently, when my thoughts are with the people of Haiti. In December of 2001, I was completely devastated by a miscarriage, so I did what all sane women do in such circumstances--I signed on for a mission trip to volunteer at a Haitian orphanage for a week. My heart was at peace, my money was paid, and I was about three weeks away from leaving for the trip, when I got the unexpected news that I was pregnant again. My doctor, as well as the mission trip coordinator, advised me to stay home and healthy, so I cancelled my trip and nine months later, Keller entered the world. I have always felt as if that trip is somehow on the back burner and not really forgotten. The devastation and loss in Haiti this week has reignited that hope. I am years away from feeling like I can leave my family to do such work, but someday, I know that I will visit Haiti and do what I can to help the people of that country. In the meantime, I continue to hold them in my thoughts and promise not to forget the unimaginable losses the Haitian people are suffering.

And so I've come full-circle to a place of being able to count my blessings and to share them with you. At this point, it's quickest and easiest to post the photo highlights and promise to blog more frequently in the future! Here's the pictorial re-cap of the last three weeks:

A winter break visit to "The Bug Box" to do 'research' for my latest article for our community newspaper.

The kids just being "the kids"

Rollerskating with the kiddos. Marley liked having wheels, at least for a few minutes!

Pinewood Derby (Keller won 1st and 2nd in a few heats, and is now--9 hours later--okay with the fact that he didn't place overall!!)

Be well and count your blessings.