Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stars in my eyes. . .

I make a habit of putting myself in strange situations, but today's chapter in my life book of weirdness takes the cake.  

Dave and the kids dropped me off in Cambridge this afternoon for an eye appointment.  The optician's office was right on the corner of the bustling market square, which made for some high-quality people-watching while I waited for my exam.  The people watching got more difficult, but also more interesting, on my second round of riding the bench in the waiting room while I waited for my pupils to finish dilating.  

I looked out the window just in time to see John Goodman walk onto the market square.  He stood to watch a street band for a few minutes, which gave me time to run up to my friendly optical tech guy and tell him I was going to pop over to the market for a minute to get a closer view of a famous American actor.  

As I stumbled out the door, he yelled, "Be careful, your vision will be blurry and the sun is going to hurt!"  That did not deter me one bit because, you see, I happen to know for a fact that John Goodman is in town filming a movie that co-stars Matt Damon and is directed by GEORGE CLOONEY!!  I was hoping that where there was smoke, there would be fire, and I headed out onto the blindingly bright market square, lookin' to find me some Clooney.  

When I got outside, I realized how horribly impaired my vision was, but I kept walking in the general direction where I thought John Goodman had walked.  All of a sudden, this big guy in front of me turned around to go pay for his juice, and I found myself face-to-face with him!  

Like a complete loser, I blurted, "Hi Mr. Goodman.  Can I take your picture?"  to which he replied with a sound that can best be described as an exasperated grunt/sigh as he walked past me to pay for his produce.  So, I snapped this lovely photo from behind, which I realize isn't quite tabloid quality, but not bad considering I was pretty much legally blind at the moment.  

Poor guy, he just wanted to purchase a bottle of OJ and enjoy the scene at the market, and instead he got accosted by a crazy American mom with pupils the size of dinner plates.